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Chianti Rufina DOCG

WIneries, wine cellars and vineyards for sale in Chianti Rufina, Tuscany

Chianti Rufina DOCG is a wine region located in Tuscany. It covers an area of about 1,200 hectares, and it is situated in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains, east of Florence. The soil in the area is rich in minerals, and the climate is ideal for wine production, with hot summers and cool nights. Chianti Rufina DOCG is known for producing Sangiovese-based wines, which are full-bodied and have a rich aroma.


The production of wine in the Chianti Rufina area dates back to the Etruscan period, but it was during the Middle Ages that the production of Chianti Rufina began to thrive. The wine was so popular that it became known as the "wine of the popes" and was often served at the Vatican. In the 18th century, the Grand Duke of Tuscany recognized the quality of the wine and established some of the first wine laws in the world, designating the Chianti Rufina area as a wine region.


The Chianti Rufina DOCG was established in 1984 and is one of the smallest DOCGs in Italy. To qualify for the DOCG status, the wine must be made from at least 75% Sangiovese grapes, with other permitted grapes including Canaiolo, Colorino, and Trebbiano. The wine must be aged for a minimum of 24 months, with at least 3 months in the bottle. Chianti Rufina DOCG is known for its deep ruby color, intense aroma of cherries and violets, and complex flavors of fruit and spices.


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Borgo Fiorentino

On the hills of Florence, in the Chianti, 2,286-m2 hamlet surrounded by 117.1 hectares of land. With 11.5 hectares of vineyard, the property is specialized in the production of the renowned Chianti Rufina DOCG (with a potential for up to 65,000 bottles of wine per year). Currently, the numerous buildings in the property are earmarked as residences for guest, who can take part in innumerous activities in the piece of land around.




The property is surrounded by 117.1 hectares (289.4 acres) of land, mainly covered in woodlands (84.6 ha). The remaining hectares are split among chestnut grove (2.0 ha), arable and grazing land (14.1 ha), a nice 1,000-tree olive grove (4.9 ha) and a nice vineyard (11.5 ha).

The land also includes a small lake, perfect for fishing. Several paths crisscross the property and are ideal for trekking and hitch-hiking lovers.

What’s more, the area is classified as a hunting reserve, usable all year long and with the possibility of hunting in the neighboring properties.


The vineyard, in particular, is the heart of the property given the production of the prestigious Chianti DOCG. First implants date back to the biennium 1972-1973 with Sangiovese and Malvasia (6.3 ha). In 1994 Sangiovese got an expansion, together with new Trebbiano and Canaiolo implants (6.2 ha). In 1997 more Sangiovese is added to the property (0.8 ha). In 2003 it’s time for Merlot, Syrah and Pinot Noir (2.4 ha). Ultimately, in 2016, more Sangiovese is planted together with Ciliegiolo and Pinot Blanc (2.1 ha). A last part of the vineyards was planted in 2020 (roughly 1.0 ha).

  • Chianti Rufina DOCG: 100% Sangiovese
  • Chianti Rufina DOCG Riserva: 100% Sangiovese
  • Toscana Rosso IGT: 100% Sangiovese
  • Toscana Rosé IGT: 100% Sangiovese
  • Vinsanto del Chianti DOC: Malvasia, Trebbiano
  • Grappa: Sangiovese




The property, thanks to its ample size, is already being used as an accommodation business, with numerous beds available for the clients. The other backbones of the property are the winery with its 16.5 hectares of vineyard granting a high-quality production, among which we find IGT and DOCG wines (Chianti). Processed wine (ca. 500 hl a year) gets partially bottles (ca. 15,000 bottles) while the remaining quantity (ca. 390 hl) is sold as cask wine to other bottlers in the area. Right behind we must cite the production of nice Tuscan extra-virgin oil obtained thanks to the olive grove in the property (4 ha).

RIF. 1482

Exteriors: 116.7 ha

Vineyards: 11.5 ha

Winery: 391 ㎡

Housing: 1,124 ㎡

Exteriors: 116.7 ha

Vineyards: 11.5 ha

Winery: 391 ㎡

Housing: 1,124 ㎡

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