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Are you looking for a villa for sale in Italy? An estate to rework into a luxury Agriturismo? A wine estate to produce Chianti or Brunello without nuisances? Romolini Immobiliare offers its clients assistance for a wide variety of properties: over 800 properties can be seen on our website and they all boast unique artistic and architectonic features, from the classical Tuscan farmhouse to the medieval castles dotting the hills of Central Italy to the noble villas which belonged to famous and illustrious persons in the past and deeply linked with the history of the area.

However, not all the properties we deal with are visible on our Internet website to safeguard the privacy of the owners. That’s why, for our most exigent clients, we offer tailored researches based on the requirements provided by the buyers, even if this means looking around for new properties complying with these criteria.

All while respecting privacy and discretion, both towards the seller and the buyer, whose sensitive data are well protected and secured. 

If there is something we learnt in all the years working in the real estate business is that often the needs of a seller and a buyer ends up converging on a common point: the first one requires its property to be showcased under the best light and the most complete way possible, the second one hopes to see his dream property is its entirety, diving in a tour of the house.

The virtual tour is a modern and cutting-edge technology allowing for a virtual visit of the entire property without being physically on the spot. If it is true that a buyer relies on impressions and sensations to buy a property, the virtual tour is the ideal instrument to relive and experience once again the sensations felt during a previous visit.

This also allow spending a longer time inside a property than a normal visit, better appreciating those details which could have slept through during the physical tour.

Buying a property can easily be onerous and it might happen that you need a mortgage in order to fulfill your dream. Our agency has an ample network of contacts to assist you in asking a mortgage to finance the acquisition of a property you like.

We would also be pleased to assist you in opening a bank account here in Italy should you need it: this would allow you to activate a direct debit to pay for your bills and taxes while avoiding the inconvenience of currency exchanges while paying. An Italian bank account would also allow you to easily pay for any other service you’ll make use of in Italy such as a housekeeper, a gardener or a cleaning service.

In our field we often stumble across buildings boasting a great artistic and/or historic value which need some work to be restored and valorized: villas with 18th-century frescoes, medieval castles damaged by centuries of neglect and battles, farmhouses to be restored and so on.

Our agency, dealing mainly with this kind of properties, developed over the course of many years an intricate network of contacts with leader agencies expert in the renovation of historic and artistic properties.

Our portfolio, however, also includes modern and newly-built properties. In these cases, where there is no need for renovations and/or restorations, the most required service is interior designing, with the consultation of someone who could suggest the ideal furnishing to valorize the property and make it really unique and customized based on your personal tastes.

The process for buying a wine property in Italy follows several steps and requires some specific knowledge that is often hard to understand for foreigners than it is for Italians who are used to it.

With this video, Danilo aims at answering the most frequently asked questions that we often get from clients, both Italian and foreigners, showing at the same time the three main milestones of every purchase: formal offer of purchase, preliminary agreement of sale and final purchasing deed.

We’ll then discuss the professional roles involved in the process (real estate companies, lawyers, notaries…), taxes, fiscal obligations and the different ways one can buy a property in Italy.

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