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With a global clientele, potential buyers for properties in Italy often reside thousands of kilometers away. Nevertheless, thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, we are able to provide a comprehensive service to buyers and sellers, regardless of their location.


We offer an exclusive showcase where properties for sale can be admired and easily analyzed. Our platform is made up of a main website (www.romolini.com) which feeds to four servers located in four different countries (Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Russia).On these local language version sites our content goes far beyond providing simple translation.


In addition to these branded properties, we have developed three, proprietary thematic portals, each focused on different types of properties and offering further visibility to our extensive portfolio.


The objective of our digital content is to always provide our clients with the most accurate property descriptions possible, while never sacrificing simplicity and ease of access, so that all potential buyers may have a comprehensive understanding of the properties they are examining.

Our primary objective at Romolini Immobiliare is to satisfy the needs of qualified buyers who are looking for the best possible properties and service, designed to help them achieve their ideal outcome in the market.


It is therefore critical to tailor one’s marketing and sales strategy. Each property is a world unto its own, often requiring a unique and bespoke approach. Our many years of experience in the sector allow us to allocate the best possible channels for sellers to promote their property in order to achieve the highest quality, through international presence.


At Romolini Immobiliare, you can be assured that your privacy and confidentiality are sacred and protected. Furthermore, the choice to utilize the private area on our website allows us to present unique properties to a very restricted and select pool of clients whose credentials have been accurately checked.

It is essential to produce very high-quality photographs, and often videos, to best promote a property. Attaining the right light, composition, exposure and highlights of the critical property features is essential.


At Romolini Immobiliare we offer a professional photography service, realized in high resolution with best in class equipment and exacting standards.


We have learned that excellent imagery is the single most important element in attracting the right buyers and provides the further benefit of serving as a lasting memory after a property visit. Our photographic services cover both the exterior and interior of the property, accenting its features, colors, lights, and moods which then serve as lasting imprints for our clients.


With regards to our artistic approach to selling a property, we also offer the possibility of filming an aerial video to be featured on our YouTube Channel, providing a true 360-degree prospective of the property. This will then enable us to express the home’s full potential thanks to our experts who capture each critical detail and which create strong and lasting emotional connections with potential buyers.

Purchasing a luxury property, which frequently is of historical and artistical importance, is often based upon personal sensations and emotions rather than simply reviewing images.


One of the strategic tools we like to use at Romolini Immobiliare, is to create a bespoke Italian property brochure. Historically significant properties deserve a unique showcase capable of highlighting their fundamental virtues through professional imagery, along with an accurate historical background of the building and its location, including, when possible, detailed plans of the structures.


The brochure will provide potential buyers with a comprehensive, and in-depth view of the property and enable them to appreciate even those details that would otherwise slip one’s attention after a first glance.


For sellers, this type of professional brochure is an excellent way to help make their property shine as bright as it can, providing focus on its finest qualities for the buyers while also furnishing them with a very complete view of the property.

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