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Ref. 1518 Chianti Montalbano Estate

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Ref. 1518 Chianti Montalbano Estate

Tuscany - Chianti DOCG

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general details

Exteriors: 228.00 ha

Interiors: 7.830 ㎡

Winery: 1.086 ㎡

Housing: 4.720 ㎡

Total production: 84 hl / year

Bottled wine: 11.200 bottles / year

Production potential: 105 hl / year


Vineyards: 2.50 ha

Varieties: Merlot, Sangiovese, Syrah, Colorino, Canaiolo, Malvasia Nera

Training: pruned-spur cordon (4,500 vines/ha)

Year(s) of planting: 1997 (70%)

Soil composition: rocky

olive grove

Olive grove: 35.00 ha

Trees: 7.000

Cultivar: Leccino, Pendolino, Frantoio, Moraiolo

Olive oil: 2.000 kg

climate characteristics

Vineyards altitude: 200 - 350 m a.s.l.

Temperatures: min: 1°C - max: 30 °C

Sunshine hours: 2.925 h / year

Average precipitations: 932 mm / year

This estate with a 17th-century manorial villa is set just a few km from Florence. The estate is made up of many historic buildings (over 7,800 m² in total). As for the farming business, the estate covers a total of 231.5 hectares and include a Chianti Montalbano DOCG vineyard (2.5 ha) and an ample olive grove (7,000 trees) that allow producing up to 11,600 bottles of wine and 2.0 tons of olive oil per year.

The estate currently produces the following wines:

  • Chianti Montalbano DOCG Riserva: 80% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo, 10% Malvasia Nera
  • Chianti Montalbano DOCG: 90% Sangiovese, 10% Colorino
  • Rosso Toscano IGT: 45% Merlot, 45% Syrah, 10% Sangiovese


Most of the estate is covered in woodland (179.5 hectares), mainly high trees and conifers. A part of the woods (roughly 1.5 ha) is planted with trees that are then cut and transformed into prime-quality timber (prevalently walnut, wild cherry, Italian Alder and pears).

Arable land (10.5 ha) are very suitable for planting further vines or new types of crops that would help improving the income generated by the estate. The remaining land (approximately 1.0 ha) is covered in gardens, courtyards and streets servicing the buildings.



The manorial villa with its annexes (oratory, stable, lemon-house, servants’ quarters, escritoire, billiard room, greenhouse, laundry, ironing room, henhouse, firewood shelter, chapel…), dating back to the beginning of the 17th century for a total of 2,660 m² (28,622 ft²), makes up the heart of the property. Separated by an Italian garden, we find a small park and a fruit orchard.


A short distance from the villa, the hamlet dating back to the 1000 AD includes an old residence (900 m² – 9,684 ft²), already recovered and with ongoing restoration works, where we find the offices of the business, the reception for the Agriturismo, an apartment (or wine-tasting room) and a barriques room in the basement.

Next to this building, on the western side, is a typical medieval building (1,086 m² – 11,685 ft²) recognizable by its crenellation. The building is laid out onto three floors and houses the wine cellar.

On the eastern side is a 20th-century two-story agricultural building (600 m² – 6,456 ft²) that houses the olive mill, a canteen for the staff and a garage/workshop.


Additionally, the property includes six farms, all dating back to the 16th and 19th century:

  • Farm N°1 (526 m² – 5,660 ft²) is made up of simple and well-made buildings. These buildings have been partially restore over the last few years.
  • Farm N°2 (342 m² – 3,680 ft²) is made up of residential buildings with annexes: half of these buildings have already been restored.
  • Farm N°3 (330 m² – 3,551 ft²) is a farmhouse split into three guest apartments with garden and pool.
  • Farm N°4 (898 m² – 9,662 ft²) is made up of a few buildings used as shelters for animals and tools.
  • Farm N°5 (488 m² – 5,251 ft²), currently unused but in a very panoramic location, was once the rural house for the shephers of the estate.
  • Farm N°6 is located a bit father from the property, at the bottom of a valley since it was once a mill, and is currently a ruined building.

Chianti is a historical region of Tuscany comprising the provinces of Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Characterized by hills covered with vineyards and woods, the area has always been devoted to the production of exceptional wines, known throughout the world and really a symbol of Tuscany abroad.

Originally comprising the territories of only three towns (Gaiole, Radda and Castellina) that made up the so-called Lega del Chianti, the area has expanded over the centuries to include large portions of the territories of Siena, Florence and even Arezzo.

The territory is rather homogeneous in terms of geological characteristics, while in terms of climate, there are significant temperature variations over the course of the year with hot summers and generally harsh winters: while these characteristics are unsuitable for normal crops, vines find in Chianti an ideal environment in which to thrive.



A stone’s throw from a town with all the services (5km; 15’), the estate is located in panoramic position and is easily reached. The quick access to several other towns of Tuscany makes this property extremely interesting (Florence, San Gimignano, Lucca, Pisa, Volterra, Siena, Viareggio, Montalcino...).



Town with services (5km; 15’), San Miniato (19km; 30’), Pistoia (31km; 50’), Florence (47km; 1h), San Gimignano (50km; 1h 10’), Lucca (51km; 1h), Pisa (63km; 1h), Volterra (78km; 1h 20’), Siena (88km; 1h 40’), Viareggio (91km; 1h 20’), Montalcino (122km; 2h 10’)



Firenze A. Vespucci (49km; 45’), Pisa G. Galilei (60km; 50’), Bologna G. Marconi (132km; 1h 35’), Perugia San Francesco (2h 20’), Roma Ciampino (331km; 3h 30’), Roma Fiumicino (346km; 3h 30’)



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