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Morellino di Scansano DOCG

Morellino di Scansano is a red wine produced in one of the most fascinating areas of Tuscany and takes its name from the local term for the beautiful black horses of the Maremma.

Produced from Sangiovese grapes, Morellino is a wine with a sweet and fruity aftertaste that goes well with typical Tuscan dishes as well as with more unusual and elaborate recipes from other corners of Italy.


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Tuscan Coast Winery

In the heart of the Maremma DOC region, a few kilometers from Scansano in the Tuscan Coast wine area, between the valleys of the Ombrone and the Albenga rivers, in one of the areas most devoted to the production of the Morellino di Scansano, this wine estate with cellar, farmhouse, and guesthouse is for sale.


The heart of the property is the winery (315 m² – 3,389 ft²), which includes all the production rooms, aging, and bottling. Next to the cellar is then the sales room (63 m² – 678 ft²). The cellar, perfectly equipped, includes 17 stainless steel tins (with capacity from 20 to 50 hectolitres) with remote temperature control for a total of 460 hectolitres of wine and 8 stainless steel tins for a total of 200 hectolitres of wine. The warehouse and the barricaia are equipped with a modern air conditioning system. The buildings could be further expanded by about 100 m². 


Next to the winery is a large stone and masonry building that houses the owners’ home on the upper floor (101 m² – 1,087 ft²), while on the ground floor are large rooms in builder’s finish to be used as an Agriturismo (305 m² – 3,282 ft²).


Finally, we find a guesthouse (84 m² – 904 ft²) that was intended as a dwelling for the farm janitor or employees of the facility.


The property spans in its entirety 56.8 hectares (140.3 acres) and includes 12.0 hectares of specialized vineyard (6,250 plants per hectare) with selected IGT vines (with the possibility of registering them as Maremma DOC). The remaining land includes an olive grove (2.2 ha with 600 trees), ample portions of arable land (20.9 ha) ideal for planting new vines, and woodland (18.7 ha), other than gardens, meadows and aprons for the vehicles (3.0 ha).

The vineyards have been planted with traditional materials to preserve the land from the infiltration of toxic substances, like those used to soak the wood.

The layout of the vineyards has been kept unaltered, avoiding excavations and removal of trees, creating a lovely mixed landscape.


The winery currently produces the following wines:

  • Morellino di Scansano DOCG: 100% Sangiovese
  • Toscana Bianco IGT: 100% Semillon
  • Toscana Bianco IGT: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • Toscana Rosé IGT: Grenache 90%, Pinot Noir 10%
  • Toscana Rosso IGT: 100% Sangiovese
  • Metodo Classico Rosé: 100% Pinot Noir

RIF. 1007

Exteriors: 53.8 ha

Vineyards: 12.0 ha

Winery: 378 ㎡

Housing: 406 ㎡

Exteriors: 53.8 ha

Vineyards: 12.0 ha

Winery: 378 ㎡

Housing: 406 ㎡

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