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Bolgheri DOC

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The Bolgheri DOC is a wine region located in the province of Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. It covers a surface area of approximately 1,200 hectares and produces around 7,000,000 bottles of wine annually. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and warm summers, and the soil is predominantly sandy and rocky.


The Bolgheri DOC is known for producing some of the finest Super Tuscan wines, which are typically made from a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah grapes. These wines are characterized by their intense fruit flavors, complex aromas, and powerful tannins. Some of the most notable wines produced in the region include Sassicaia, Ornellaia, and Masseto.


The Bolgheri DOC was established in 1994, but the area has a long history of winemaking dating back to the Etruscan times. However, it was not until the 1960s that the area gained international recognition for its wines, thanks in large part to the efforts of Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, who planted Cabernet Sauvignon vines on his Tenuta San Guido estate and created the first vintage of Sassicaia. Since then, the area has become one of the most prestigious wine regions in Italy, attracting wine lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world. In 2013, Bolgheri Sassicaia DOC obtained its own recognition inside the larger Bolgheri DOC denomination.


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Bolgheri Estate

Roughly 5 km from Bolgheri, in the heart of the renowned wine production area, winery with 30.0 ha of vineyards (15.0 ha Bolgheri Rosso DOC + 5.0 ha Bolgheri DOC Vermentino + 10.0 ha Toscana IGT), modern wine cellar and ample house to be completed, ideal both as a private residence and as a starting point for an Agriturismo.


The estate owns directly 15.0 hectares of vineyards, while the remaining 16.0 hectares are rented from a third party with a contract until 2043. Automatic renewal of the contract has been agreed since costs for rights and planting operations have been paid by those who manage and use the land (when originally rented the plot of land was not covered in vineyards).




The whole owned vineyard (15.0 ha) is registered as Bolgheri Rosso (Superiore) DOC, while the rented vineyards includes 5.0 ha of Bolgheri DOC Vermentino. The remaining surface (10.0 ha) is registered as Toscana IGT. The vineyards are enclosed by approximately 8.0 hectares of secular olive trees dividing the plot of land from each other.


The peculiarity of the vineyards in the area of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci is the fact that the hills to the east shelters the vines from the wines, while the summer climate is always mitigated by the presence of the sea. The sunny weather of the cast allows grapes to ripen in a regular manner, so that the fruits have always very precise characteristics.


Currently, taking into account the available surface and the maximum potential production for each wine, one can consider a maximum yearly production of approximately 360,000 bottles between Bolgheri Rosso DOC and Bolgheri Rosso Superiore DOC (113,000 bottles), Bolgheri Vermentino DOC (52,000 bottles) and Toscana IGT (195,000 bottles).

RIF. 1737

Exteriors: 40.0 ha

Vineyards: 30.0 ha

Winery: 9,000 ㎡

Housing: 800 ㎡

Exteriors: 40.0 ha

Vineyards: 30.0 ha

Winery: 9,000 ㎡

Housing: 800 ㎡

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