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Vineyards, wineries and wine cellars for sale in Montefalco, Umbria

Nestled in the heart of Umbria, Montefalco is a picturesque region renowned for its rich wine production, charming cities, and historic landmarks. The area is a viticultural haven, celebrated for its robust Sagrantino wines, a varietal indigenous to the region. Rolling vineyards carpet the landscape, creating a stunning backdrop for wine enthusiasts and travelers alike.


The main city, Montefalco, is a captivating medieval gem with cobbled streets and historic architecture. This charming town serves as the epicenter of the region's wine culture, hosting numerous wineries where visitors can indulge in tastings of Sagrantino and other local varietals. Montefalco is also known for its annual Sagrantino Wine Festival, a celebration of the area's viticultural prowess.

Surrounding Montefalco are charming towns such as Bevagna, known for its medieval architecture and well-preserved Roman mosaics. Spello, another nearby gem, boasts flower-draped streets and the renowned Infiorata festival, where intricate floral carpets line the town's pathways.


Montefalco's viticultural history dates back to ancient times when the Romans cultivated vineyards in the fertile soils of Umbria. However, it was in the Middle Ages that Sagrantino wine gained prominence, often associated with religious ceremonies. Today, Montefalco's winemaking heritage is a testament to the region's commitment to preserving and evolving its vinicultural traditions.


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