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A new network tailored for wine estates and vineyards


In 2011 our colleague and dear friend Michael Baynes of Vineyards-Bordeaux advanced a proposal with Christie’s International Real Estate to establish a new network under the brand name of Christie’s. Initially named Vineyards by Christie’s, the goal of this initiative was to create, under the Christie’s brand, a network of experts which would gather real estate and wine experts under the same flag. Wine experts were provided by the Christie’s Wine division.

The idea was born out of the realization that Christie’s had affiliates in the most renowned wine regions of the world: Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, United States and England. The outcomes of this work were initiatives and meeting promoting our experts in the field of vineyards and wineries.


Nowadays, in 2019, Vineyards by Christie’s has deeply changed in what is now called the Master’s Circle. The idea is to create a number of Circles, each gathering the best expert for a specific topic: ski properties, equestrian estates or city apartments.

As of now, the Master’s Circle for vineyards includes Oregon (US), Tuscany (Italy), the Douro Valley (Portugal) and Bordeaux (France). In the following months, other colleagues are expected to join the Circle, notably Argentina, Chile, South Africa and England. For the United States, Napa Valley is the second region and should be joining the circle by the end of 2019.

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